Bruce Baldini as Lalla Grotowski.

24 Frames Lalla - introduction

29 Jun, 2023
An introduction to 24 Frames Lalla.
Poster designed by Jesse Molina

24 Frames Lalla - Test Screening in Philadelphia

29 May, 2023
Test screening of my 3rd feature film in Philadelphia
Suli Holum playing Holy Fool. Photo by Tom Carsen

Characters in Survival of the Holy Fool

26 May, 2023
I wanted to write two different types of characters.
Robert Altman

Survival of the Holy Fool and Robert Altman

26 May, 2023
I was looking for a story that could lend itself to an ensemble based cast.
BTS of shooting the Holy Fool trailer

How I came to write Survival of the Holy Fool

26 May, 2023
I started doing research for this film in 2016 and finished writing it in spring of 2020.

I Pledge Allegiance to Myself Update

2 Dec, 2020
This past July I pulled out my first feature film, I Pledge Allegiance to Myself, and started to reedit it.
Pumpkin Shootout Set

Pumpkin Shoot Out - Premieres at Santa Fe Independent Film Festival

26 Aug, 2020
Pumpkin Shoot Out will premiere at SFIFF October 2020

I AM THAT - now available on Amazon Prime and DirecTV

14 Aug, 2020 I AM THAT
Watch Joy's first feature film on Amazon Prime and DirecTV