The third annual meeting of the Second Amendment Sisters: Pennsylvania chapter is underway with its President, Bobbi Czajkowski, initiating new members. After a light-hearted day of training by shooting pumpkins, they gather around the bonfire at night to discuss why they carry a gun. From domestic violence to mistrusting the government to impending environmental catastrophe, the reasons are many, but the intention, only one: safety. Bobbi excuses herself from the group to go pee in the woods. Alone in the dark, she’s gripped by a primal fear and reaches for her trusted gun.

Poster designed by TJ Freda



This was originally a sequence from my feature script, Survival of the Holy Fool. The plan was to shoot these scenes and use them as a teaser to raise financing for the film but a few days before we shot I decided to write an ending scene that could make the sequence a stand alone short film.  

I've always enjoyed spin off shorts (like Hotel Chevalier from Darjeeling Limited) where you learn more about a character's backstory.  

The character of Bobbi is one of my favorite characters from Survival of the Holy Fool. As an audience member you don't ever quite know what to make of her. She's unpredictable but extremely entertaining.  


About 3 days before we started shooting the actor I cast for Bobbi dropped out. I called up Bridget, who lived in LA, and asked her if she could come out to Philly and perform the role.  She agreed and I had on her plane the next day. There were a lot of first for me on this shoot. This was the first time I'd worked with guns and the woods scene was by far the most extensive light set up i'd directed up to that point. I also realized the beauty of weather. It was the coldest day of the year and I loved seeing Bridget's breath on screen.  It made me realize how entertaining the senses are on screen.  I took this idea into 24 Frames Lalla and specifically wrote it for winter. It's hard to shoot in that type of weather but the results are worth it. 


I edited this short with Ziggy but once again I found myself taking home the footage and reediting it on my own....continuing to learn the craft of editing and having a lot of fun doing it.  I really love Mitch's music in this film. It's half score, half soundtrack.  The song that Kristin (vox and guitar) and Jessica (violin) play around the campfire is pivotal to show the women finally come together. 

I was never happy with this film. There was something about the story that I always bothered me. In 2024, i went back in to the file and reedited the opening so that we met Bobbi in the woods and the audience can experience her schizophrenic episode right at the top of the film.  By the audience having this knowledge at the top it means they are more invested in Bobbi's unpredicatability for the rest of the film. 

BTS - Video - Song written by Mitch Marzec. Kristen Arivello on guitar and vox. Jessica Burst on violin.