This short horror film is about a family of serial killer cannibals who are terrorizing the Delco area outside Philadelphia. A private investigator's lover goes missing and her research leads her to knocking on the door of an old house in Delaware County where a family of bakers live. As the investigator is given a tour of the grounds by the eldest sibling more and more clues point to this family being the source of the killings.


This short film was filmed for the 48 Hour Film Project in 2023. The rules of the 48 Hour are simple.  You have to make a film (produce, write, direct, and edit) that's between 4-7 minutes in 48 hours.  You are given a genre, character, prop, and line that must be written into the story. 


Our requirements were:

Genre - Detective

Character - George Smittens (occupation, baker)

Prop - Padlock

Line - "I know what you're thinking."

The film won audience favorite, best make-up, best sound, and best director.


I've wanted to make a film for the 48 Hour since I'd first heard about the competition 10 years ago but I never felt like I had the cast and crew who could pull it off. I'm not someone who takes stupid risks. My risks are very calculated. The success of 24 Frames Lalla made me feel confident that I could pull together a cast and crew that would collaborate and have strong ideas. I was correct. Many great, kind, and talented people volunteered.  I had a clear vision on how I wanted to produce the film and fortunately my game plan worked out extremely well.  I'll always be very grateful to the people who volunteered for this project. The success of the film boosted my confidence in producing.