The third annual meeting of the Second Amendment Sisters: Pennsylvania chapter is underway with its President, Bobbi Czajkowski, initiating new members. After a light-hearted day of training by shooting pumpkins, they gather around the bonfire at night to discuss why they carry a gun. From domestic violence to mistrusting the government to impending environmental catastrophe, the reasons are many, but the intention, only one: safety. Bobbi excuses herself from the group to go pee in the woods. Alone in the dark, she’s gripped by a primal fear and reaches for her trusted gun.

Note from Joy

This was originally a sequence from my feature script, Survival of the Holy Fool. The plan was to shoot these scenes and use them as a teaser to raise financing for the film but a few days before we shot I decided to write an ending scene that could make the sequence a stand alone short film.  I've always enjoyed spin off shorts (like Hotel Chevalier from Darjeeling Limited) where you learn more about a character's backstory.  

Production Team

Pumpkin Shoot Out

Joy Marzec


Pumpkin Shoot Out

Christine Meyers

costume/production designer

Pumpkin Shoot Out

Gino Varisano


Pumpkin Shoot Out

Mitch Marzec



Pumpkin Shoot Out

Bridget McKevitt

Bobbi Czajkowski

Pumpkin Shoot Out

Amy Frear


Pumpkin Shoot Out

Danielle Leneé


Pumpkin Shoot Out

Kristin Arivello

Musician (guitar and vocals)

Pumpkin Shoot Out

Jessika Burst

Musician (fiddle)

Video and Photos

Song written by Mitch Marzec. 
Guitar and Vocals - Kristin Sharon Stone 
Fiddle - Jessika Brust